5 Easy Hacks to Master Selfie Worthy Party Looks

By Jitender Sharma - January 08, 2018

Having a party coming up? Need to show yourself off on all your social media handles? But you say you need some help and tips to capture that perfect party worth master selfie, so that you can flaunt that Zara dress of yours, say in a friend's birthday party or even a new year bash. Then look no further. This article provides you with the best of the tips to master a selfie that is going to garner all the likes and comments on your feed.
According to most popular bloggers and photographers, it all boils down to two simple criteria. Lighting and Background as well as the phone brand. Then again, a strong lighting may result in sharp shadows that may reduce the overall glow of the picture. But to avoid all these confusions follow these simple tricks:

1) Strong Sun

A bright sun with a simple background in the back may help you achieve that perfect picture with you in all of your magnanimity. Usually, these pictures may provide you with all of the focus since the lighting is on you and the background may be minimalistic. A bright dress and keeping your hair open may help add to the charm. A typical sun-in-my-eyes look may help you achieve what you want as well. Using a Samsung phone is preferable since they have a good selfie camera within the affordable price range.

2) Minimal Background

A minimal background of a single colour, say blue or green may also help you bring out your charm in a sunlit photo captured with your phone. Again, the same rules mentioned above can be applied here too. With this, your selfie game cannot go wrong.

3) Know when the Flash should be used.

Most people think that using the flash, even in broad daylight, helps them take a good selfie since it captures all the light. Well, they are wrong. It reduces the white balance scale and may make you look like a ghost. Using the flash in a dimly lit or a semi dimly lit area may help you get that good picture. Using simple apps such as snap chat may provide you with the front facing flash, in case your phone does not already possess it.

4) Show them that Charming Smile

Smile. Smiling helps you bring out your inner glow, no matter the lighting or the background or the shadows. Smile like you mean it. Smile like you know that there is no tomorrow and this one smile may help you save your world. And believe me, your picture may not get any more perfect. If you are unable to smile, practice in front of a mirror, it is found to be very useful for people.

5) Focus according to your angle

A perfect angle to take good pictures is to keep your chin down and the camera up, as mentioned by the famous celebrity, Kim Kardashian. A perfect angle while taking a good selfie is to hold the phone so that the bottom of the phone is in level with your eyes. This helps capture that perfect holiday or party selfie.

With this said, let us hope that you are going to slay your next party with that new selfie skills.

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