4 Most Asked Questions About Pylon Signs Canada And Monument Signs!

By Ravish kumar - January 23, 2018

4 Most Asked Questions About Pylon Signs Canada And Monument Signs!

It is truly said that the first impression is the last impression. In the field of advertisement, this saying is justified. Imagine yourself as a customer. Would you ever like to visit a shop that looks unattractive and does not follow correct marketing strategy? No is the most probable answer. Therefore, to attract your customers, you need to carry the business promotions accurately. 

You should install sign boards at the busiest locations so that people who do not know that your business exists also comes to know about it. However, the problem in that there is a wide range of signboards available in the market. This makes confusion in the minds of people about which one you should choose. Therefore, to solve this problem, we are here with the list of most asked questions about Pylon signs and Monument signs which are the most popular choice of signage for any business.


  1. Why do I need an outdoor sign?
Outdoor sign is a very basic method of the advertisement of your business. They act as a guidepost to the customers. If you have newly opened a business and if you do not put a sign board then people would never come to know about its existence. However, if you have signage that contains all the information about your business then people would at least know that your business exists. Moreover, on special occasions such as a fair or an event, outdoor signs become important. There are a variety of signs that you can choose from, two of which are pylon signs and monument signs.

  1. What is the difference between pylon signs and monument signs?
You might think that both pylon signs and monument signs are freestanding signs and there is no difference between two of them. However, you are absolutely wrong. Though both these type of signs serve the same purpose, that is, advertisement they differ in the size and visibility. This considerable difference can completely change your marketing strategy. Therefore, the difference between them is worth knowing.
  • Size

Size is the most basic difference between a pylon sign and a monument sign. Monument sign is shorter in size as compared to a pylon sign. They are not taller than 5 feets whereas pylon signs are at least 20 feets tall.
  • Visibility

Since the height of pylon sign is more, they are more visible than a monument sign. Pylon sign can be seen from a much larger distance. They look lovely and giant. Monument sign, on the other hand, can be seen only when someone passes by it. Therefore, we can say that both these type of signage are very different from each other.

  1. Are pylon sign better than monument sign?

This is always not the case. Though the height and visibility of the pylon signage are much better from that of monuments signs they are not great in every situation. In a densely populated residential area, it is not practical to use a pylon sign because of the shortage of the space. Hence, there is no type of signboard which can be used for any shop. You need to consider various factors before jumping into the decision that which type of sign is better than the other for YOUR business.

  1. Which things should I consider before selecting a particular type of signage?
Various factors need to be considered other than the height and visibility of the signboard. Some of these are:
  • Type of business

If you are running a business on a small scale and if you have a very simple business which is active at daytime such as a small stationary or a grocery shop then you can opt for monument signs. They are an ideal choice for small-scale businesses as they add sophistication and class to the shop. However, if you are operating the business on a large scale such as a large shopping mall then you can choose pylon sign. Pylon sign will attract more and more customers and ultimately your business will grow.
  •  Location of your business

Another factor that needs to be considered before choosing between pylon sign and monument sign is the location of your business. If your business is situated on a highway or an isolated place, then there is no doubt that pylon sign is the best choice for you. On the other hand, if your business or shop is located in busy streets or residential area than monument sign is a good option as they occupy less space and also satisfies your need for advertisement.

Therefore, depending on your needs and preferences to grow your business in Canada, you may choose Pylon signs Canada or Monument signs. You just need to consider all the factors before coming to the conclusion. 
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