Some useful tips to lift your heavy furniture at the time of moving to get save from any mishap

By Internal Eseo - December 27, 2017

No matter if you are moving your complete household items from one place to another or you are just re-arranging the complete setup of your house. You would probably know about the things which are very useful for you to lift the heavy furniture with most care to remain safe from every type of mishap. For this purpose, you may easily take the help of any trusted and reliable house removals service providers.

First of all, you may have to get search for the best house removals company in this regard. Try to get the multiple quotes according to your budget and the services as per your desire. Moreover, you will also get to know about the steps by which you can easily lift the heavy material by your own.

1.      Use High and Low strategy to carrying the tall items

Whenever you are going to lift the tall items like a cabinet, tall dresser or shelves by your own, try to utilize the strategy of High and Low the items while lifting them. As we all know very well that lifting the tall items is based on two people. So you must take care of this thing while lifting the tall item one side should be down and other should be high. In this way, the weight will divide equally for both people. It will also useful if you are lifting the item up-stairs and down-stairs.

2.      Stand Couches on the end

If you ever wish to change the direction of your couch to any other place in your home or you want to place it in the hall then you have to stand the couch first in tall shape. Then you can pass the door by lifting it in the same condition because it will easily pass the door by swing it in the right direction. If you are going to lift the couch straight to the door, then it will never easy for you to drag down it to the hall.

3.      Lifting with Straps the tall items

If you wish to lift the tall cabinet which you have recently purchased. Use the straps to lift the cabinet. The process will be, both people will stand in front of each other and they use to wear straps on their shoulders respectively. This thing will allow them to divide the equal weight on both shoulders and they can lift the tall cabinet very easily into the house.

4.      Wrap the furniture well before moving the items

You should have to wrap the furniture very impressively that it may easily move to the other house. There are multiple of things available in the market like wrapping sheet, bubble sheet and many more. You may also use the blankets to cover the furniture items so they remain to save from any type of scratch during the move.

These steps are really very much effective when you have to lift the heavy items in your house. If you hire any trusted and reliable house removals services you may also request them to follow the complete safety rules which may save your household items in a better way.

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