Easy Tips to Follow in Pregnancy

By jake - December 25, 2017

Easy Tips to Follow in Pregnancy

At the time of birth or the entire process of nine months is always very complicated. There can be many problems which can pop up at any time. So it is a must to consult and obstetrician who is a professional and have a lot of experience dealing with pregnant patients. As it deals with the reproductive system of a human being, the problems that are faced are mostly by the women only. In fact, not only pregnancy; the gynaecologists and obstetrician doctors in Mumbai also deals with problems like menopause issues of middle aged women, infertility issues or painful sex life and many more.

One can get a lot of tips in pregnancy magazine in Hindi and some of them are really helpful. But it is a better idea to check all of them with your doctor before practicing it.

Many people will say that you have another life inside you and so you have to eat more as the foetus inside you also need nutrition. But this is absolutely not true. A pregnant woman should take 1800 to 2000 calories on a daily basis and not more than that. Your baby do not need extra food. They need proper nutrition. If you eat more than the proper intake then you can gain a lot of weight which is absolutely not a good thing to happen in pregnancy. If you get overweight or obese then there can be too many complications which is also not welcome. So you definitely need to check your diet immediately if you are pregnant. A proper dietician can help you out regarding that. You need to eat more fruits, green vegetables and eggs and you need to eat in small amount at a regular interval.

You also have to be very careful about the hygiene of the food which you are eating. Some food items are a strict no during this time period. This can harm your baby as well. So never indulge yourself to frost ready to cook meals or unpasteurised milk. Do not eat street foods which are too oily and are made of things which are nit healthy. Avid very deeply fried things as well. Cook your food in utensils which are clean and wash them thoroughly. Always wash your hands or use a sanitizer before you eat.

Women always want a pain free delivery. This is the only concern on every woman when they are pregnant. Yoga can help them in achieving that. The most important part of yoga session is meditation. This is all about changing the mindset. Meditation brings a lot of peace and calmness in the mind and it definitely helps one to rise above the fear of pregnancy. Then there is a process of controlling your breath which helps the baby to get more oxygen from your body.

Pregnancy care tips in Hindi can be found in health magazines or online health sites. One can follow them but seeing a doctor is a must. After pregnancy each body acts different. Only a doctor can be sure of what to follow.

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